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Fildena CT 100 A impotência nos homens torna a vida extremamente difícil; Com a ajuda de medicamentos adequados, esses problemas eróticos podem ser facilmente encontrados. Fildena CT 100 helps a sexually aroused man experience long lasting satisfaction from the act of making love. Available in 100 mg strengths, the medicine serves a best solution to rely on. The drug suits men at all ages; the chewable formula makes it extremely easier for the sexually aroused man to experience positive results. The medication functions within 30 minutes after its consumption. The drug improves penile performance in men by charging up their erotic senses and by improving the quality of blood flow to the main organ. The drug allows a sexually aroused man experience long lasting pleasure without any worries of failures. Sex is passionate and up to the mark after the drug is consumed. Overall the treatment suits all men and should be consumed half an hour before sexual intercourse.


Nº CAS 171599-83-0
Marca Fildena
Nome Fildena CT 100
Nome Genérico Comprimidos Mastigáveis ​​de Citrato de Sildenafil
Composition Comprimidos mastigáveis ​​contémSildenafil Citrate IP equivalent to Sildenafil 100mg.
Formula C HH 38 N 6 O 11 S
Peso Molecular 536.1mg
Sinônimos 1 - [[3- (6,7-Dihydro Citrato de 1-metil-7-oxo-3-propil-1H-pirazolo [4,3-d] pirimidin-5-il) -4- etoxifenil] sulfonil] -4-metilpiperazina
Dureza | 118 19'53" Minutes in water
Cor Branco
Forma Forma Triangular
Forma de Dosagem comprimidos de 100mg
Pureza 98% ~ 101%
Validade 36 Meses da MFd. Data
Embalagem Década de 10
Quantidade Mínima de Encomenda 10

Descrição 169

What is Fildena CT-100?

Fildena CT 100 é am edificação produzida por um grupo farmacêutico de confiança, chamado Fortune Healthcare. O medicamento que contém Sildenafil é muito eficaz no alívio da disfunção erétil. Fildena CT 100 é um dos poderosos estimulantes sexuais que aumentam a qualidade da ereção. Fildena vem em comprimidos orais que podem ser tomados pela água ou nas formas mastigáveis. As formas mastigáveis ​​são geralmente aromatizadas com menta. Sabe-se que a fildena causa náusea, tontura e até mesmo daltonismo. Deve ser tomado com muito cuidado por aqueles que já estão tomando medicamentos relacionados a desordens CVS.

Doses Recomendadas e Duração da Terapia

Fildena CT 100 is used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction for a short period of time. It cannot be used for the prophylaxis or permanent cure of this disease. It is to be taken a half an hour before indulging in a sexual act. Once taken Fildena maintains its effects for about 3-4 hours, thereby maintaining a good sexual life.

Side effects and Warnings

Fildena CT 100 pode causar muitos efeitos secundários. Alguns desses efeitos não são muito prejudiciais e podem ser tolerados. Muitos outros efeitos colaterais são muito prejudiciais e podem levar ao agravamento de outros efeitos. Alguns dos efeitos colaterais tolerados são dor de cabeça, congestão nasal, visão prejudicada, fotofobia, dispepsia e, menos comumente, cianopsia. A cianopsia é uma condição na qual tudo tem uma imagem colorida de azul.

Drug Interactions

Fildena CT 100 consists of sildenafil citrate in chewable form. Hence, users are recommended to be careful while using this medicine for there might exist a risk of cross-reaction. Sildenafil citrate is generally advised to abstain from usage if the person is already using nitrates like nitroglycerin. This is because this lethal combination results in an excessive hypotensive crisis and fall in BP to dangerous levels. The Same effect is observed when this drug is taken in combination with an alpha-blocker. So, in these patients, therapy with Fildena should begin at minimum dosage. Another drug named Amlodipine causes a reduction in supine blood pressure by working simultaneously with Fildena. Certain drugs that are CYP3A4 inhibitors like Ritonavir are also contraindicated in patients because of an increased risk of great exposure of sildenafil. With alcohol, it does not potentiate hypotensive effects.

Customer Reviews

There is a high rate of satisfaction seen among customers using a chewable form of Fildena. is one of those websites that entertain a bulk of positive reviews about this drug. A customer named Kevin Hurley says in his comment that the results of Fildena CT 100 are “really exceptional”. He also mentions how easy this chewable form of Fildena to consume is”. Chad E. Whipkey, another reviewer of Fildena, tells how this drug has helped him overcome his issue regarding impotence. A feedback comment made by Daniel Thomas explains how using Fildena gave him side effects like a mild headache in the initial days but now it works “flawless”and provides quick arousal.
Similar reviews could be extracted from another website Anthony Pierson, in his drug review, tells how easy it is to consume this Fildena CT 100 just before engaging in any sexual activity. He also informs others to use it as per doctor’s instructions and calls Fildena an “amazing Erectile Dysfunction Solution”. Nickey Dahle shares his story of suffering from erectile dysfunction for a long time and how Fildena CT 100 100 made his problems made his problems disappear completely. He further recommends this drug to all the other fellows suffering from this disease and says how this drug has helped him satisfy his partner without facing any difficulty.

Fildena CT 100 Price, Dosage, and Available Forms:

Fildena CT 100 is a drug that is commonly available on many online pharmaceutical websites over the internet. It can be ordered from in 50mg formulation potency. The price per pill on this website is set at a rate of 2.90 dollars. The price of a packet containing ten pills of Fildena CT 100 50, therefore, is equivalent to 29 dollars.
Fildena CT 100 tablets of higher potency can also be bought from The price of this drug is fixed at a rate of 3.2 Dollars per pill. A packet consisting of ten of such pills can be bought for 32 Dollars in total from this drug store. claims to ship the product to some of the countries like the United States and Australia. However, it has clearly excused from the customers residing in many other countries like Canada, UAE, Mexico, Brazil, Belgium and much more as can be seen in the screenshot#3. It has also been mentioned that prescription is necessary to show before placing an order with this website. To facilitate the customers, a complimentary shipping service is provided with all the bulk orders exceeding the net amount of USD $100.

Fildena CT 100 is a chewable mint flavored drug that is available on the market in two different potencies. This includes Fildena CT 100 in 100mg. An ideal way of consuming this drug for achieving maximum efficacy is to chew a tablet thirty minutes prior to engaging in a sexual activity. It is advised to consume one dose of Fildena CT 100 per day. Exceeding this limit is strictly not advised.

Fildena CT 100 allows men deliver best erotic performance. The medicine is a chewable tablet serving its best to deal with sexual dysfunction. The drug is manufactured by Fortune healthcare; the sensational medicine allows a sexually recharged person give him the best experience ever. The 100 mg chewable tabs contain Sildenafil Citrate as its basic ingredient. The medicine allows a sexually recharged person experience finest results without any worries of failures. Sex is awesome after the drug is consumed. The medicine improves erectile performance by reducing arterial complications and by boosting up blood flow to the main sex organ. Fildena CT 100 makes it an enjoyable experience for the duo troubled of sexual disturbances. Conditions like impotence make things difficult. The sensational treatment works the best when consumed in moderation. The formula works exactly similar to that of blue pills, the drug improves sexual performance by reducing arterial complications resulting in flawless erection. Overdose of the drug is hazardous to health; the medicines itself range amongst the medium power solution, hence taking it in excess can create difficulties in digesting the drug. The sex pill should be consumed with plain water to make it work the best. Excessive consumption should be kept a tab on. The 100 mg chewable tablets are a new entry in the group of drugs meant for curing erectile failures. Sexual disturbances make life difficult; making love becomes complicated and many a times impossible. with a proper medical assistance it becomes extremely easy for the man to make a proper move that ends up making the lady and him happy and satisfied. It's a two way act and simply cannot work with single passion. When going through the troubles of impotence, it becomes extremely difficult for the couple to reach orgasm and enjoy pleasure. Taking medicines on proper time and with proper association will reduce the pains by bringing back your lost virile abilities.

Como funciona o Fildena CT-100?

Não há nada de antinatural em relação à eficácia e ao mecanismo de ação da TC de Fildena. O conteúdo do produto é o mesmo citrato de sildenafil no Viagra e outros medicamentos genéricos, então a ação da droga é basicamente a mesma ação PDE5 realizada pelos outros tipos de medicamentos.Fildena 120 content of the product is the same Sildenafil Citrate in Viagra and other generic medications, so the drug’s action is basically the same PDE5 action accomplished by the other medication types.

Fildena chewable is a PDE5 inhibiting drug which aims to impede the action of the enzyme PDE5 produced by the human penile tissues. PDE5 is commonly released after a successful intercourse, and its main function in the penis is to allow the organ to revert to its normal size post intercourse or any sexual activity. However, in sick patients, the action of the PDE5 is meddled with and it is precipitately emitted in the penile tissues, causing the deterrence of the suitable erectile response to sexual stimuli.

Fildena CT O conteúdo de Citrato de Sildenafil permite a droga para suprimir a ação da enzima PDE5, permitindo a agregação dos níveis corretos do transmissor cGMP, que posteriormente instiga a vasodilatação e a promoção do mecanismo de ereção hidráulica. O efeito da Fildena CT em pacientes dura 4 horas.

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